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No Place Like Home is an unscripted documentary series that will explore various facets of the homelessness issue with tremendous poignancy. These facets include various demographics affected by this issue, some more susceptible than others, new aspects of this issue previously unrecognized, such as solutions successfully implemented, stories of those previously or currently affected by homelessness which contradict the common perception of the issue, as well as tracking the success of cities newly implementing this solution.

Our viewers' attention and empathy will be fully encapsulated by No Place Like Home's heartrending subject matter, no matter their age or ethnicity, and encourage them to get involved by spreading awareness of these previously unknown elements of homelessness through social media, word of mouth, etc, enticing our viewers to progress through the series to continue this emphatic journey of enlightenment, conflict, and resolution.

Brandon Watson Creator/Director/Producer/Host, No Place Like Home

Brandon Watson began his career in film/TV production in Canada at a very young age, filming little videos that he posted online. At 12 he made a connection with Ron Sampson, Gary Busey's manager, through Ron's daughter Steffanie Sampson Busey and later that year was signed by Ron. Early the following year, at 13, he was signed by April Lim of Global Artist Agency, Gary's agent. At 13 he wrote/produced/directed and starred in his first feature film, Calico, which was picked up for worldwide distribution the following year. Since then, he has produced, directed, and edited over a dozen short films for local actors and producers, as well as acted in various independent productions. In 2016, Brandon launched BWTV, a worldwide OTT network that provides a platform for youth/indie filmmakers to get their content seen.

Now, at 16, he is in the pre-production stages on what has become No Place Like Home, a television pilot which will spread awareness of homelessness around the world as well as encourage participation in solving this growing problem in Canada/US.

Raliegh Wilson First AD/Executive Producer, No Place Like Home

For over 40 years Raliegh Wilson has entertained audiences on and off the screen. A Rodeo Cowboy since 1968, Raliegh won many awards around the world, 1979 Montana Championship, 1979 National Finals Rodeo, 1980 California Championship 1980. 1981 World Cup Rodeo in Australia, committing to rodeo until 1995 then retiring after winning The Senior Pro National Championship. During that time he was hired by Leo Burnett Ad agency to do print work as "The Marlboro Man" Began acting, modeling and performing light stunts in 1983 after appearing in several commercials and television productions. (Lee Jeans, Eveready Battery, Pontiac and Miller Beer).

He solidified his role in the World of Stunts in 1998 when he founded Stunt Grunts Inc., a select group of Stunt performers dedicated to bringing scripts to life, Coordinating and supplying Stunt EFX equipment to major film productions. In early 2002, Wilson opened Rollywood Studios in Simi Valley, California, a 4,000 square foot Green Screen facility and production company, which immediately opened its doors to independent film productions. Raliegh Wilson is most recently involved with developing his own projects to direct. His film credits include The Titanic, The Mummy, The Thin Red Line, Troy, and The War of the Worlds.

Elizabeth Landry Creator/Producer, No Place Like Home

Elizabeth is a Canadian actress, dancer, and film/TV producer. She was born Elizabeth Margaret Landry in Montreal, Quebec. to Allen Landry a computer programmer, and Doreen Gilligan an award winning equestrian. Elizabeth started acting and dancing at the age of 5. Her family moved to western Canada in 2007 where she continued her pursuit in theater and film. Elizabeth has a younger sister Victoria, and a younger brother, Benjamin. Elizabeth formed 4YourEntertainment, a Canada/US production company, in 2015.

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